Totango vs Natero

Considering Totango competitors in your CSM solution search?
Natero is a powerful, data-driven alternative to Totango.

Data is changing the way subscription-based companies run every part of their business — including Customer Success.
Natero is the only Customer Success Platform to advocate a truly data-driven approach to managing your clients and your team.

Here are some reasons why leading SaaS businesses choose Natero over competitors like Totango.

Totango Comparison - Comprehensive Customer Data

Complete Customer Data

Unlike other solutions, Natero connects to all of your customer data for a truly comprehensive view of your accounts.

Natero brings all of your CRM, support, billing, and product usage data together in one place. Best of all, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you — it takes little to no effort by you to integrate all of your systems.

For more information about all of the customer data we collect, check out our ever expanding list of integrations.

Totango Comparison - Detailed Product Usage

Detailed Product Usage

Natero lets you see how your customers are using your product — at scale. Solutions like Totango often struggle to collect this data, let alone provide actionable insights at the user level.

Product usage is critical to increase customer adoption and engagement. Without knowing the activity of your users, you cannot target them accurately.

With Natero, you can drill down to identify who does what within your product, and leverage that data for charting, alerting, and outreach.

After implementing Natero, we were able to drive customer success with way less effort. We get proactive alerts about customer who need help, we have codified processes for onboarding, and our CSMs are all aligned with their goals.

Denes Purnhauser - ReframeYourClients

Denes Purnhauser  |  Founder and CEO


Totango Comparison - Customer Success Business Intelligence

Customer Success Business Intelligence

Natero includes a full suite of Customer Success focused business intelligence tools. These tools help your team understand lifecycle changes, compare different classes of accounts, measure the impact of processes and more.

Analyze any segment of your client base, understand how customers use your product by industry or stage, view support tickets by tier and geography, or create custom financial charts. You can even compare segments, such as healthy and unhealthy accounts to learn why some customers succeed while others struggle.

Totango Comparison - Customer Segmentation

Best-in-Class Account Segmentation

Segment your customers based on tier, lifecycle stage, demographics, and just about any other metrics and KPIs that you collect. You can even employ dynamically generated criteria, such as health score, engagement level, recent behavior, etc.

Use segments to deliver the right level of service for each portion of your customer base. From reporting to email campaigns, Natero offers powerful support for your segmentation strategy.

Implementation Time

Don’t settle for a lengthy implementation that never ends. Our structured implementation process efficiently guides you and your team through data integration, product training, best-practices, and beyond.

Natero is known for tackling complicated data integrations, yet Natero users report 60% faster implementation times than solutions like Totango according to independent peer-to-peer review site G2 Crowd.

… and a Whole Lot More

Natero’s Customer Success Management platform helps your team scale.

Data Integration 50+ Business Apps Limited
Data Collection Extremely Scalable Limited
Segmentation Tools Comprehensive Yes
Analytics Comprehensive Basic Metrics
Historical Reporting Yes Limited
Dashboards Comprehensive Yes
Health Scores Highly Configurable Limited
Multiple Health Scores Yes Yes
Account Hierarchy Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes
Playbooks Yes Yes
Email Campaigns Yes Yes
Triggered Emails Yes Yes
Team Performance Yes Yes

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