Intercom + Natero

Integrate Natero and Intercom to gain more context about your customers.

Intercom and Natero Integration

See Intercom Conversations Alongside Other Interactions

Review your Intercom conversations alongside your other customer interactions — all in one place.

Natero lets Customer Success Managers see Intercom conversations as part of the overall communications history with an account.

Intercom and Natero Sync

Bi-directional Sync

The Natero and Intercom integration offers plenty of versatility when it comes to streamlining your customer data.

  • Leverage your Intercom data to automatically create new accounts and users in Natero.
  • Sync attributes from Intercom to power CSM alerts, customer health scores, and analytics in Natero.
  • Reverse-sync additional customer data from Natero to Intercom for even more flexibility.

Natero’s alerts tell us things we either didn’t know or were too busy to know.
Using Natero, 7Geese reduced average monthly churn by 24%.

What is Natero?

A uniquely data-driven approach to managing Customer Success.

Natero combines machine learning and rule-based alerting to identify at-risk customers before they decide to leave. Our system continuously evaluates account health based on your many sources of customer data, and helps you manage and scale your proactive customer retention processes.

Predictive Customer Alerts

Identify customers who will likely churn or expand via machine learning and custom rules.

Customer Health Scores

Monitor customer health based on product usage, custom KPIs, NPS, and much more.

Customer Success Reporting

Gain visibility into your customers and team via dynamic segmentation and in-depth reporting.

Centralized Customer Data

Automatically sync granular customer data from your app and other systems.

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