Customer Data Integrations

Natero’s native data integrations deliver a holistic view of your customers.

Product Usage

Collect in-app usage data to understand how well customers have adopted your product, including detailed module and feature usage.


Integrate customer data from leading CRM systems, including contact information, lifecycle stage, notes, interactions, and more.

Support Ticketing

Sync support ticket details from popular help desk systems, including ticket content, type, volume, severity, and resolution.

Billing and Payments

Capture financial information including purchases, contract length, renewal schedule, discounts, invoices and payments.

Net Promoter Score

Import Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to automatically trigger early-warning alerts and impact your customer health scores.

Customer Interactions

Include customer interactions like email and chat so CSMs can quickly get up to speed with customer communication history.

Integrate Your Product

Natero captures detailed customer usage from your application.

Javascript Library

Natero’s Javascript library can collect customer usage data directly from your application.


Already collecting usage? Natero’s REST API is ready to receive your product’s events.

Segment, Mixpanel, Pendo

Using Segment, Mixpanel, or Pendo? Natero can sync your product usage data from these services.

Natero’s integrations not only met our current needs but also include apps we may use in the future.

100% Native Integrations

Natero connects directly to over 50 business tools.

Billing & Payments
Data & Analytics

Leverage Single Sign-on

Natero supports access control using a number of popular SSO services.





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