Gainsight vs Natero

Evaluating Gainsight competitors in your CSM solution search?
Natero is a powerful, data-driven alternative to Gainsight.

Data is changing the way modern companies run every part of their business, and Customer Success is no different.
Natero is the first Customer Success Platform to advocate a truly data-driven approach to managing your clients and your team.

Here are a few reasons why forward-thinking SaaS businesses choose Natero over competitors like Gainsight.

Gainsight Comparison - Comprehensive Customer Data

Complete Customer Data

Customer data can live in more places than just Salesforce. While solutions like Gainsight rely on data in Salesforce, Natero connects to all of your customer data to give you a truly comprehensive view of your accounts.

Natero brings all of your CRM, support, billing, and product usage data together in one place. Best of all, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you — it takes little to no effort by you to integrate all of your systems.

For more information about the data we collect, see our ever expanding list of integrations.

Detailed Product Usage - Modules and Features

Detailed Product Usage

With Natero, you can see how your customers are using your product — at scale. Solutions like Gainsight struggle to collect this data, let alone provide actionable reporting at the user level.

This information is critical when you want to increase customer adoption and engagement. Without knowing the activity of your users, you cannot target them accurately.

Drill down to identify who does what within your product and leverage that data for charting, alerting, and outreach.

Machine Learning for Customer Success Management

Machine Learning

Competitors talk about predictive analytics, but what they often provide are business rules based on best guesses.

Natero creates machine-learning models that are tailored to your SaaS business. These models utilize all of your customer data to identify the leading indicators of churn and upsell.

Unlike other alternatives, Natero is able to detect and alert you to potential churn risks without forcing you to continually construct new business rules. The result is more accurate churn detection with less work on your part.

Customer Segmentation

Best-in-Class Customer Segmentation

Although Natero’s machine-learning offers automated churn and upsell detection, there are other reasons you may want an account brought to your attention.

In these cases, Natero lets you segment your accounts and users on any of the metrics and KPIs that you collect.

Natero’s powerful rule builder lets you create targeted lists that you can leverage for analysis or outreach. Use your segmented lists in conjunction with Natero’s built-in email campaigns to drive behaviors you’d like to see within your product.

Flexible Customer Health Score Modeling

Flexible Health Scores

Easily create and configure customer Health Scores with Natero.

Pick your relevant metrics, such as product usage, custom KPIs, NPS, and much more. Weight the importance of each metric to strike the right balance for your business.

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach to customer health.

Natero even lets you create different Health Scores based on lifecycle stage, customer segment, and more. Now you can measure health based on the criteria that matters most for every portion of your customer base.

Natero makes it very easy for me understand how our customers are doing by creating lists, charts, or segmenting our accounts. We can analyze our customer usage any which way we like, and the team has been amazing to work with.

Akhila Iruku - Rainforest QA

Akhila Iruku  |  Director of Customer Success

Rainforest QA

Customer Success Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Customer Success

While competitors offer basic charting and reporting, Natero includes a complete suite of Customer Success analytics.

Natero helps your team understand lifecycle changes, compare different classes of accounts, measure the impact of processes, and more. Use a point-and-click report builder to see how customers use your product, analyze support trends, or create custom financial charts.

You can even compare different customer segments to learn why some accounts succeed while others struggle.

Admin Not Required

Enterprise products often require a full-time administrator to ensure the solution runs smoothly for end-users within an organization. This can be an expensive hidden cost when deploying such systems.

Natero is highly configurable and easy to manage for teams of all sizes. Customize dashboards, account views, and page layouts without the need for costly professional services or additional headcount.

Quicker Deployment

Don’t settle for a lengthy implementation that drags on and on. Our structured implementation process efficiently guides you and your team through data integration, product training, best-practices, and beyond.

Natero is known for tackling customer integrations that other vendors won’t touch, yet our users report 60% faster implementation times than solutions like Gainsight — according to independent peer-to-peer review site G2 Crowd.

… and a Whole Lot More

Natero’s Customer Success Management platform helps your team scale.

Data Integration 50+ Business Apps Salesforce
Data Collection Extremely Scalable Limited
Machine Learning Yes No
Segmentation Comprehensive Limited
Analytics Complete Suite Basic Metrics
Dashboards Highly Customizable Yes
Time Series Metrics Yes No
Health Scores Highly Customizable Yes
Multiple Health Scores Yes No
Account Hierarchy Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes
Centralized Communications Yes Yes
Email Campaigns Yes Yes
Triggered Emails Yes Yes
Playbooks Yes Yes
User Permissions Yes Yes
Team Performance Yes Yes

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