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Leading subscription-based businesses drive growth through Customer Success.

What is Customer Success?

The goal of Customer Success is to help customers realize the value they expect from your product or service. First and foremost, Customer Success Managers seek to enable desired outcomes for their customers. Successful outcomes are the main drivers of customer renewal and expansion.

There is a strong economic case for Customer Success since the cost of acquiring new customers is several times what it costs to retain existing ones. In fact, reducing monthly churn by as little as 5% can result in 50% more revenue in just five years.

Healthy customer retention also leads to more upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing a company’s ability to expand relationships with existing customers over time. Upsells or cross-sells from successful customers can offset and even surpass revenue losses from customers that churn.

Reducing churn and increasing expansion revenue allow Customer Success teams to maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) — the critical metric for driving SaaS business growth and profitability.

Customer Success is Different

Unlike Customer Support or traditional Sales models, Customer Success Management aims to deliver long-term strategic value for customers.

Customer Success icon
vs. Customer Support icon
Proactively monitors customer health and behavior. Reacts to ad-hoc issues, often in fire-fighting mode.
Actively manages customer lifecycle and adds ongoing value. Primarily focused on resolving individual product issues.
Drives strategic initiatives to maximize product adoption and advocacy. Drives short-term tasks to address immediate requests and concerns.
Growth driver. Cost center.
Customer Success icon
vs. Traditional sales icon
Focused on existing account growth. Concerned with account acquisition.
Focused on seamless renewals. Actively manages new deal flow.
Manages onboarding and long-term account health. Driven by monthly and quarterly sales targets.
Revenue farmer. Revenue hunter.

Customer Success is Proactive

Traditional businesses support their customers in a reactionary way.

Customer Service and Customer Support departments mostly react to issues from frustrated customers. They are disconnected from the customers’ overall goals and expectations; their focus is solely to fix a problem or resolve a ticket.

In other words, a steady stream of constant firefighting.

Underlying customer issues can fester for weeks or even months before they are given attention, by which time it is often too late.

Customer Success Management takes a proactive approach.

Rather than waiting for customers to voice their concerns, Customer Success Managers actively monitor accounts and reach out at the first sign of trouble. CSMs partner with customers to ensure they continuously receive expected value, which benefits both customer and vendor in the long-term.

It is a shift in the way that businesses value and invest in the success of their customers.

And in order to scale, CSMs monitor leading indicators that help identify and prioritize the accounts that need their attention the most — before it’s too late.

How We Help Customer Success Teams

Subscription-based SaaS businesses need to maximize customer lifetime value to be profitable and succeed. With new customer acquisition costs far exceeding the cost to retain existing customers, it is imperative to reduce churn while expanding accounts and increasing customer engagement.

That’s where Natero comes in.

Natero lets Customer Success Managers focus their attention on the accounts that need it most. Get proactive alerts about customers who are likely to churn, convert or buy more. Know when customers miss key lifecycle milestones so you can get them back on track for success. See how customers are using your product so you can help them get the most value.


Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Reduce Churn and Improve Customer Retention

Reduce Churn / Improve Renewal Rates

Customer Success Helps Increase Upsells and Cross-Sells

Increase Upsells and Expansion

Target Trial Conversions

Target Customers Likely to Convert

Optimize Customer Engagement

Optimize Product Adoption and Engagement

Improve Customer Success Productivity

Improve CSM Team Productivity

With an intuitive workflow, intelligent alerting, and a comprehensive view of customer health, Natero empowers CSM teams to maximize value for their customers and their business.

After implementing Natero, we were able to drive customer success with way less effort. We get proactive alerts about customers who need help, we have codified processes for onboarding, and our CSMs are all aligned with their goals.

Denes Purnhauser - ReframeYourClients

Denes Purnhauser  |  Founder and CEO


How We Help Your Entire Organization

Natero provides actionable customer insights throughout your organization.

Executive Team

Integrate your product and back office systems for easy access to rich customer information – all in one place.

  • Stay on top of critical business trends.
  • See product usage, account health, financials.
  • Create up-to-date custom dashboards.

Product Team

Capture detailed product usage data to better understand how customers use your SaaS application.

  • Understand feature value and stickiness.
  • Track activity by users or accounts.
  • Compare different customer segments.

Sales Team

Identify new opportunities at existing accounts and continuously improve the definition of your ideal customer profile.

  • Target trials that are most likely to convert.
  • Identify accounts that are ripe for an upgrade.
  • Develop better customer personas.
Customer Success Tools

Support Team

Deliver a better customer experience by empowering front-line reps with actionable customer intelligence.

  • Prioritize tickets based on key customer data.
  • Enhance your indicators for issue escalation.
  • Improve coordination of post-sale services.

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