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How We Help Customer Success Teams

Natero lets Customer Success Managers focus their attention on the accounts that need it most. Get proactive alerts about customers who are likely to churn, convert or buy more. Know when customers miss key lifecycle milestones so you can nurture them back on track. See how customers are using your product so you can help them get the most value.

With an intuitive workflow, intelligent alerting, and a comprehensive view of customer health, Natero empowers CSMs with Customer Success tools to maximize Lifetime Value (LTV).

Customer Success Tool to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Success Tools to Reduce Churn and Improve Customer Retention

Reduce churn / Improve Renewal Rates

Customer Success Software to Increase Upsells and Cross-Sells

Increase Upsells and Expansion

Customer Success Software to Target Trial Conversions

Target Customers Likely to Convert

Customer Success Tools: Optimize Customer Engagement

Optimize Customer Value and Engagement

Customer Success Tool: Improve Customer Success Productivity

Improve Success Team Productivity

After implementing Natero, we were able to drive customer success with way less effort. We get proactive alerts about customers who need help, we have codified processes for onboarding, and our CSMs are all aligned with their goals.

Denes Purnhauser - ReframeYourClients

Denes Purnhauser  |  Founder and CEO


How We Help Your Entire Organization

Customer Success tools that provide actionable insights throughout your business.

Executive Team

Natero integrates with your product and back office systems to give you easy access to the information you need – all in one place.

  • Stay on top of critical business trends
  • Product usage, account health, financial metrics
  • Up-to-date custom dashboards

Product Team

Natero captures detailed usage data that helps product teams understand how customers use your SaaS product.

  • Understand feature value and stickiness
  • Track activity and sessions, by users or accounts
  • Compare different customer segments

Sales Team

Natero identifies new opportunities at existing accounts, and helps sales teams improve how they qualify and target ideal prospects.

  • Target trial users who are most likely to convert
  • Identify accounts that are ripe for an upgrade
  • Develop better buyer personas
Customer Success Tools

Marketing Team

Natero gives marketers the business intelligence tools they need to understand customers and improve targeting.

  • Optimize messaging based on customer behavior
  • Target customers who are more likely to succeed
  • Identify power users and advocates

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