Customer Success Resources

Informative and educational content about all things Customer Success.


Data-Driven Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management stands to reap tremendous benefits from data-driven technology. Learn how CSM teams can leverage their data to predict customer behavior, streamline the customer journey, and uncover actionable insights.


Customer Analytics that Drive Success

Customer Success Managers need to understand the engagement of their customers and the effectiveness of team processes. Learn how customer analytics can help CSMs improve their products and internal workflows.


Effective Customer Onboarding for B2B SaaS

A successful SaaS onboarding paves the way for retention, renewal, and the possibility of expansion and upsell in the future. Learn how to create a measurable and repeatable onboarding process that maps out a clear path to value.


Predictive Analytics: a Primer for CSMs

Learn how predictive analytics can help make Customer Success teams more effective and productive, how machine learning technology works, and what to look for in a CSM solution with predictive capabilities.

Survey Results

Customer Success Roles and Metrics

Over 100 Customer Success professionals shared insights about their roles and key performance metrics. We gathered the data and asked Mikael Blaisdell of the Customer Success Association to comment on the results.


Customer Success Tech ROI Calculator

Need to make the case for Customer Success technology in your organization? Use this handy Excel spreadsheet to calculate the Return on Investment of Customer Success solutions like Natero for your business.

Case Study

Appcues Manages Customer Success Using Data-Driven Insights

Appcues wanted comprehensive insight into customer health and key Customer Success metrics. Learn how the Appcues team uses customer data to make better decisions about priority and next steps.

Case Study

AdStage Uses Natero to Drive Customer Success Processes

AdStage wanted an efficient way to understand customer health and behavior. Learn how Natero helps the AdStage team proactively engage low-adopters, identify power users, and spot potential candidates for customer advocacy.

Case Study

How 7Geese Uses Natero to Improve Customer Retention

7Geese wanted to improve customer retention, but they lacked actionable insight from their customer data. Learn how the 7Geese CSM team used Natero to turn their customer data into proactive tasks for reducing churn.


How to Modernize NPS for Customer Success

From survey automation to analysis, it’s easier than you think to implement a modern approach to measuring and boosting customer loyalty with NPS. Hear how Customer Success teams can get the most out of their NPS program.


The Customer Success Metric That Matters

The mission of Customer Success is to increase sustainable, proven value for both your Customers and your Company. Hear Mikael Blaisdell and Craig Soules talking about the Customer Success metric that matters most: value.


Customer Success Management Challenges

Feel like you are constantly stuck in firefighting mode? You’re not alone. Listen to Nils Vinje and Dan Gamito discuss four common themes that can plague even the best Customer Success teams.


The Role of the Customer Value Review

How will you prove your value and justify your Customer Success budget to your senior management team? Watch this presentation featuring Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of the Customer Success Association.

Natero in 90 Seconds

See how our software separates signals from the noise, ensuring your Customer Success team is focused on the right accounts, at the right time, with the right information.