A Smarter Customer Success Platform

Natero is a data-driven Customer Success platform that helps Customer Success teams maximize retention and accelerate growth.

Customer Success Platform - Customer Intelligence

Go from Reactive to Proactive

Natero is a data-driven Customer Success platform that places actionable customer insights at your fingertips. Predictive alerts and comprehensive health scores ensure Customer Success teams focus their attention on the accounts that need it most.

Operationalize Your Customer Success Processes

Operationalize Customer Success

Natero helps Customer Success teams understand priorities, keep track of next steps, and collaborate more effectively.

Use Playbooks to consistently respond to customer alerts and intuitive Workflows to manage your customer lifecycle. Trigger emails to engage the right customers at the right time. This data-driven approach enables you to manage more accounts while achieving a higher level of success.

Business Intelligence for Customer Success

Become Data-Driven

Your customer data is trying to tell you something.

Natero’s best-in-class reporting helps Customer Success Managers explore their customer data with ease. Understand how users interact with your product, analyze your CSM processes, and demonstrate the value of Customer Success for your business.

Customer Success Data Integrations

Centralize Your Customer Data

Connect your existing business tools and make Natero your complete customer hub.

Natero syncs your customer interactions, support ticketing, financials, and more from leading solution providers and services. Our Javascript library seamlessly captures usage data from your product, and you can send other key metrics using our API or CSV upload tool.

Natero shines by pulling in different types of data and applying powerful algorithms to give us customer insights and valuable metrics. This helps us reduce churn and uncover feature opportunities our clients may not be utilizing.

— Alan Schaffer

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