Customer Success Intelligence

Natero places actionable intelligence in the hands of Customer Success teams.

Customer Success Intelligence - Customer Data

Holistic View of Your Customers

When did they last log in? How active is each user?
Are they behind on payment? Any open tickets?

Our platform captures everything you need to know about your customer. View health score, activity trends, billing information, support tickets, communication history — and even see how users interact with your product.

Arm yourself with better customer intelligence. Natero’s extreme scalability can capture massive amounts of detailed customer data without compromising on performance.

Customer Success Intelligence - Predictive Alerting

Proactively Manage Customers

Natero’s machine learning algorithms and rule-based alerts proactively identify the accounts that need your attention.

Reach out to customers at risk of churn before they decide to leave. Know which customers are most likely to upgrade or convert from trial to paying. Natero evaluates hundreds of factors to accurately predict your customers’ behavior.

Flexible Customer Health Score

Monitor Customer Health

Easily create and configure customer Health Scores with Natero. Pick your relevant metrics, such as product usage, custom KPIs, NPS, and much more. Weight the importance of each metric to strike the right balance for your business.

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach to customer health. Natero even lets you create different Health Scores based on lifecycle stage, customer segment, and more.

Customer Success Intelligence - Communications Center

See All of Your Customer Interactions in One Place

Bring all of your customer interactions together in a shared communications hub for your entire Customer Success team.

Natero collects and organizes your customer emails, chats, meetings, support tickets, and notes in one central place. Create new interactions within Natero or sync them directly from your existing business tools.

Customer Success Intelligence - Organization Hierarchy

Analyze Complex Customers

Natero can capture the interdependent relationships of your complex enterprise customers.

Analyze customer health, product usage, financial data, and more at any level of your account hierarchy. Track an unlimited number of business relationships and create custom views based on your hierarchy labels.

Customer Success Data Integrations

Integrate Your Ecosystem

Customer data resides in a lot of places, and CSMs often struggle to collect it — let alone put it to good use. Natero integrates with your existing software so you can leverage all of your customer data with ease.

We automatically sync customer data from leading solution providers, while our Javascript library seamlessly captures customer behavior within your product. Plus, you can send us other key metrics through our robust API and CSV upload tool.

Natero’s alerts tell us things we either didn’t know or were too busy to know.
Using Natero, 7Geese reduced average monthly churn by 24%.

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