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Natero was founded on the premise that modern SaaS businesses need actionable data in the hands of Customer Success professionals.

Natero is the only Customer Success solution to combine predictive analytics, customer intelligence, and workflow management in a unified platform. This uniquely data-driven approach enables B2B software providers to proactively manage Customer Success and maximize customer lifetime value.

We built Natero because we believe that Customer Success teams should spend their time focused on the customer, not on the technology required to do so.

Founded by veterans from the big data, data science and distributed system industries, our goal is to help you leverage your data to drive successful outcomes for your customers and your business.


Craig Soules
Craig Soules
Founder & CEO
Craig has more than 14 years of experience researching topics in databases, information retrieval, storage and distributed systems. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, and afterward spent 6 years at HP Labs leading research and development on a distributed database that dramatically improved ingest and query performance over recent noSQL systems. Craig also led the team that productized that database for use as a distributed storage data management platform.
Garth Goodson
Garth Goodson
Founder & CTO
Garth has been building complex distributed system for over 14 years. After receiving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, he spent 8 years at NetApp as the founding member of the Advanced Technology Group within the CTO’s Office. While there, he spent his time researching, prototyping, and transferring new technologies to product. These topics ranged from Parallel NFS (pNFS), object-based content repositories, flash layout design, and most recently helped build a system to better enable policy-based management of data via tiering.


Vic Mahadevan

Vic Mahadevan was the Chief Strategy Officer for NetApp. In this role, Vic was responsible for leading NetApp’s business strategy and identifying additional market and product opportunities to fuel future growth. He led the company’s strategic planning and business development activities worldwide. Vic was also responsible for driving the strategic planning process,managing acquisitions, and supporting NetApp’s strategic alliances and partnership teams.

Before joining NetApp, Vic served as vice president of marketing for LSI Corporation, where he was responsible for driving all aspects of product management, outbound marketing and business alliances. Prior to LSI Corporation, Vic was chief executive officer for Deeya Energy. He has also held senior management positions with leading storage and systems management companies including BMC Software, Compaq, Ivita, and Maxxan Systems. Vic holds an MBA in Marketing and MS in Engineering from the University of Iowa as well a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Bob Garrow
As a veteran executive of successful startups and major high technology enterprises Bob is able to combine his creative ability with years of experience. Highlights of his career include pioneering work at Intel as an engineer and engineering manager, the co-founding and development of Convergent Technologies as VP Engineering and GM, management of very high growth at Sun Microsystems as GM of Sun’s Workstation Division and later, as VP of World Wide Manufacturing, leadership in the creation of the high technology enterprise as CEO of Athenix Corporation, and both business development and sales as SVP Strategic Relationships at Liquid Computing.


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