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We’re looking for brilliant people who can help us bring the latest in predictive and big data technologies to the realm of Customer Success.

Our passion is the intersection of customers and data. At Natero, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the new face of customer understanding through a single intuitive, scalable system.

Our office is located in Mountain View within walking distance of the Caltrain. We offer everything you’d expect from a fast-growing company, with the addition of generous health benefits and a matching 401k plan.

If you’re as passionate as we are about happy, successful customers, get in touch with us today! Apply below or send your resume to:


Office perks


Walking distance from caltrain


Flexible work hours


Casual dress code


Flexible vacation and sick days


Bi-weeklyone-on-one with the ceo


Free snacks and drinks


Weekly fresh bagels and fruit


Competitive salary and meaningful equity

Sales Manager

Natero is the new standard in Customer Success software for B2B SaaS companies. Founded by veterans of big data and distributed systems, Natero helps Customer Success teams maximize customer lifetime value, and improve their products and processes.

We are looking for an exceptional sales manager to play a key role in generating new business opportunities. In this role, you will manage inbound and outbound leads, build new and existing accounts, and work closely with our Marketing, Product, and Customer Success teams.

This position is the perfect opportunity for a rockstar SDR looking to take the next step at a disruptive Silicon Valley company in a growing market.

  • Own the entire sales process, including qualification, demo, and contracting.
  • Manage a significant volume of inbound leads on a day-to-day basis.
  • Increase pipeline through outbound demand generation campaigns.
  • Lead in-depth product demonstrations of Natero’s software platform.
  • Partner with Marketing, Product, and Customer Success teams at Natero.
  • Proven sales experience in a B2B software company, preferably SaaS.
  • Experience conducting executive level discussions and solution selling.
  • Effective time management and ability to juggle inbound and outbound initiatives simultaneously.
  • Excellent communication, writing, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • BA/BS degree
Sales, Sales Management, Software, Software-as-a-Service, SaaS, Cloud, B2B

Customer Success Manager

Natero is the new standard in Customer Success software for B2B SaaS companies. Founded by veterans of big data and distributed systems, Natero helps Customer Success teams maximize customer lifetime value, and improve their products and processes.

We are looking for exceptional customer success managers to play a key role in ensuring the continued success of our rapidly growing customer base. In this role, you will be the key point of contact for our customers, helping to maximize the value they receive from our software and cultivating successful long-term partnerships.

  • Manage day-to-day relationships with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Own the customer lifecycle, including onboarding, QBRs, and renewal events.
  • Use the Natero platform to analyze, monitor, and proactively engage with customers.
  • Serve as a product expert and lead training sessions that help customers fully leverage Natero’s powerful customer success solution.
  • Partner with Sales, Marketing, Support, and Product teams and serve as the voice of the customer.
  • Proven experience in a client-facing role at a B2B software company, preferably SaaS.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to gauge and anticipate trends using data.
  • Excellent communication, writing, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Hands-on experience with support ticketing systems, customer engagement software, or customer success platforms.
  • BA/BS degree
Customer Success, Client Success, Software-as-a-Service, SaaS, B2B, CSM

Technical Support Engineer

Natero is the new standard in Customer Success software for B2B SaaS companies. Founded by veterans of big data and distributed systems, Natero helps Customer Success teams maximize customer lifetime value, and improve their products and processes.

We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer to play a key role in resolving customer issues for our rapidly growing customer base. In this role, you will be troubleshooting customer data in PostreSQL and MongoDB, as well as writing scripts that interface with internal and external APIs.

  • Research, diagnose, and identify solutions to resolve data related customer issues.
  • Provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers via phone, web, email, and chat.
  • Take ownership of customer issues and see problems through to resolution.
  • Contribute documentation and support articles on our client-facing knowledge base.
  • BS degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Proven experience in software technical support, IT support or as a technical engineer.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of information.
  • Hands-on experience writing SQL queries (PostgreSQL, Vertica, etc.).
  • Knowledge of MongoDB (highly desirable, but not required to start).
  • Working knowledge of Python.
  • Working knowledge of Unix/Linux systems, utilities, and scripting.
Technical Support, Application Support, SQL, noSQL, PostgreSQL, Vertica, MongoDB, Linux, Python

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a core part of the Natero platform, driving predictive alerts to Customer Success managers that help them focus on the right accounts at the right time.

As a machine learning engineer, your primary responsibilities would be the research, prototyping and productization of new machine learning models to tackle the challenges of behavioral prediction. This position is a mix of data science with system design and implementation, and a great fit for someone looking to not only work with data, but build the systems for processing and analyzing it.

Java, Python, SQL, R, Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics
  • MS or PhD with 3+ years of experience in Machine Learning, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related field
  • Strong understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of various machine learning techniques: classification, regression, clustering, etc.
  • Strong system design skills and experience with distributed systems.
  • Ability to conduct independent research and turn ideas into production code.
  • Familiarity with various statistical packages: R, scikit-learn etc.
  • Excellent programming skills in python, Java or C/C++
  • Proficiency in SQL.
  • Experience working with time-series dataset a plus.

Front-End Engineer

Natero is focused on using intuitive interfaces to bring the latest in machine learning and data analytics to customers success teams.

As a front-end developer, you will be joining a team dedicated to the design and implementation of the browser-based UI for our flagship product. One of the greatest challenges is to blend data and usability: making the UI intuitive and understandable while still presenting all of the data that our customers need. To achieve this you'll be using a wide array of data visualizations to turn vast amounts of data into intuitive displays. You will also be responsible for designing and implementing many pages and features from scratch based on business and customer requirements.

Our front-end engineers are people who love the intersection of implementation, data and design.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Visualization, D3.js, SASS, Dust.js
  • Excellent javascript development skills with 2+ years of experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Familiarity with javascript frameworks
  • Experience with data visualization

Development Operations Engineer

As a cloud service, operations are a key role at Natero. Your responsibilities will include: deployment and maintenance of our Hadoop and noSQL clusters, developing and deploying monitoring infrastructure, maintaining our Amazon clusters and the various applications therein, ensuring the security of data kept in our platform, and working with our backend engineers to coordinate testing and deployment of the Natero platform.

Python, Java, Hadoop, SQL, AWS, Monitoring Tools, Release Tools, noSQL, Automated Testing, Configuration Management Tools

Distributed Systems Engineer

Acting as the hub for customer success teams, Natero is responsible for collecting, storing and processing vast amounts of data for our customers. As a distributed systems engineer, you will be designing and implementing the systems responsible for handling all of this data.

We face a wide array of challenging problems, including data flow, scheduling, scaling, and much much more. Further, our systems must support a number of different use cases for data: reporting, data visualization, predictive analytics, and rule-based alerting, to name a few. Add in the fact that the data we deal with is often messy and complex, requiring transformations, normalizations and cleansing. Your responsibilities would span all of the problems surrounding building this growing data processing infrastructure.

To take on this role, you must have a passion for both data and technology, and you'll need to be ready to embrace whatever technologies will solve the problem at hand.

Distributed Systems, Java, Hadoop, noSQL, SQL, Databases, Data Structures, Performance Analysis, System Architecture
  • Excellent system architecture skills with 3+ years of experience building data processing infrastructure
  • Excellent familiarity with distributed database systems and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Experience with distributed data processing systems such as Hadoop
  • Excellent programming skills in Java and python
  • Proficient in SQL.

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