Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Customer success software to reduce churn and increase B2B SaaS adoption. Predict, analyze, and drive customer behavior.

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Leading SaaS businesses use Natero to proactively manage customer success.

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Retain and Grow Customers

Retain and Grow Your Customers

Knowing when a customer needs attention can be tricky. Customer success software can help. Our machine learning algorithms tell you who’s at risk or likely to buy more, while rule-based alerts track key customer lifecycle milestones.

Optimize SaaS Customer Onboarding

Optimize Your Customer Onboarding

Create an onboarding experience that helps your customers reach their “Ah-ha” moment. Natero enables you to deliver an optimal onboarding process that will pave the way for adoption, renewal and even up-sell in the future.

Improve Your SaaS Product

Improve Your Customer Experience

A great customer experience starts with a great SaaS product. Natero’s extreme scalability can capture every action your customers take, while powerful analytics let you uncover what drives engagement and what needs improvement.

How Does Natero Work?

Learn how Natero helps CSMs engage the right accounts at the right time.

Smart Customer Success Software

Predict who’s at risk and discover why some accounts thrive while others struggle.

Customer Success Software
  • Predict who is likely to churn or buy more.
  • Create playbooks to respond to any customer alert.
  • Ensure customers progress through an ideal lifecycle.
  • Capture detailed product usage down to individual users.
  • Uncover actionable insights from your customer data.
  • See critical SaaS metrics like MRR, churn, CLV, and more.

Leverage Your Customer Data

Integrate your favorite tools and sources of customer data.

Customer data resides in a lot of places, and CSMs often struggle to collect it, let alone put it to good use. That’s why Natero connects seamlessly to your favorite tools and sources of customer data. We capture your sales and marketing activity, support ticketing, customer interactions, and financial information from leading solution providers.

  • Track contact info, lifecycle stage, and lead source.
  • Capture support ticket volume, type, severity, and resolution.
  • Collect purchases, renewal schedule, pricing and discounts.
  • View customer interactions including email and chat.
Customer Success Software Integrations

Natero shines by pulling in different types of data and applying powerful algorithms to give us deeper customer insight and valuable metrics. This helps us reduce churn and uncover feature opportunities our clients may not be utilizing.

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