Customer Success Software

Customer Success Software

Data-driven Customer Success Management

Innovative Customer Success Teams Run on Natero's Software
Retain and Grow More Customers

Retain and Expand More Customers

Our Customer Success software identifies potential churn, new advocates, and accounts that are ready to expand.

Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

Deliver a Stellar Customer Journey

Proactively manage customers through onboarding, product adoption, account expansion, and ultimately renewal.

Understand Customer Behavior and CSM Team Performance

Discover Customer Success Insights

Get clear visibility into product adoption, customer engagement, and your own Customer Success processes.

Customer Success Software for B2B SaaS

A uniquely data-driven approach to managing Customer Success.

Data-driven Customer Success Software Platform

Predictive Analytics

Automatically identify churn, expansion, and more.

Powerful Health Scoring

Monitor customer health based on your true KPIs.

Comprehensive Integrations

Bring your customer data together in one place.

Customer Success Software 360 View

Gain More Visibility Into Your Customers

Customer 360

See customer emails, chats, meetings, support tickets, billing history, and product usage — all in one place.

Predictive Alerts

Identify at-risk accounts, prepare for upcoming renewals, and spot new customer advocates.

Health Scores

Automatically calculate customer health from user behavior, CSM input, support tickets, NPS, and more.


Customer Success Software Workflow

Streamline Onboarding, QBRs, and Renewals.

Workflows & Playbooks

Manage customer lifecycle events like onboarding, business reviews, renewals, and more.

Targeted Email

Send timely and relevant emails to the right customers using automatic triggers or segmented lists.

Operational Insights

Understand CSM workload and analyze your processes along the customer journey.


Customer Success Software Reporting

Uncover Customer Insights. Demonstrate Your Value.


See key metrics like churn, lifetime value, product adoption, financial health, or create your own views.


Explore all of your customer data using a point-and-click report builder.


Create dynamic lists of accounts and users for in-depth analysis, comparison, or customer outreach.


Ready for data-driven success? You’ll be in good company.

Innovative Customer Success Teams Run on Natero's Software

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Before Natero, we had little awareness of what was going on with our customers. It was unclear who needed our help and we were constantly on the defensive. Now, our customer success team knows exactly where to spend their time, and Natero helps us stay proactive rather than reactive.

— Mark Nichols

Customer Success Software: Case Study #1

Visibility Into Customer Health and Behavior

AdStage needed an efficient way to track user engagement and drive Customer Success processes.

Using Natero, the Customer Success team can engage low-adopters, identify power users, and spot candidates for customer advocacy.

Customer Success Software: Case Study #2

Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Appcues wanted to address customer needs in a more proactive and systematic way.

The CSM team used data integrations, segmentation, and workflow management to make smart decisions about priority and next steps.

Bring Your Customer Data Together

Natero's native integrations deliver a holistic view of your customers.

Customer Data Integrations

Natero plugs into your SaaS application and connects with your other business tools.

We even have a dedicated team to setup, support, and customize your integrations.

Customer Success Driven Growth

See who's at risk, who's ready to expand, and who's happy and willing to advocate.
Natero continuously evaluates account health based on your many sources of customer data, and helps you manage and scale your proactive customer retention processes.

Data-driven Customer Success Software Platform

Prevent Churn

Pinpoint at-risk accounts and proactively manage your customers.

Grow Existing Accounts

Spot new expansion and upsell opportunities within your existing customer base.

Improve Advocacy

Identify your power users, potential references, and best customer advocates.

Boost CSM Efficiency

Standardize workflows, automate tasks, and streamline Customer Success processes.

In the past, we used another Customer Success tool, but our team couldn't trust or work with the data. Now, Natero gives us a real source of truth about our customers. We can customize many aspects of Natero's user experience, and the reporting and segmentation are second to none. If you're serious about data-driven Customer Success, then you need to put Natero on your short-list.

— Peter Sterkenburg


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See how Customer Success software can increase retention and accelerate SaaS growth.

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Freshworks uses Natero's Customer Success software platform

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Data-Driven Customer Success Management Software

Learn how Customer Success solutions automate the collection of customer data, identify which accounts need attention, and streamline best-practices for proactive Customer Success management.


Calculate the Value of Customer Success Technology

Need to make a case for a Customer Success software in your organization? Use this handy Excel spreadsheet to calculate the impact that a CSM tool like Natero can have on your overall business.

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