Customer Success Software for B2B SaaS

Maximize customer retention and lifetime value with intelligent Customer Success software.

Customer Success Software
Retain and Grow More Customers

Retain and Expand More Customers

Know which customers need your attention before it’s too late. Our Customer Success software automatically identifies customers that are struggling, potentially at risk, or likely to expand and grow with your business.

Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

Recognize when an account is heading off course or when they’re ready to take that next step in your customer journey. Natero helps you manage customer progress through onboarding, adoption and beyond.

Utilize Customer Success Analytics

Uncover Customer Success Insights

Easily understand product adoption, customer engagement or any other key success metric in your business. Natero’s extreme scalability can handle a massive amount of customer data from across your organization.

Smart Customer Success Software

Natero is the standard in data-driven Customer Success software.

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Predictive Alerts

Predict which customers are likely to churn, convert, or expand their business with you.

Health Scores

Monitor customer health based on usage, custom KPIs, CSM scores, support, NPS, and more.

Workflows & Tasks

Use Workflows, Tasks, and Playbooks to standardize and drive your processes.

Targeted Emails

Engage the right customers with timely and relevant email messages.

Communication Center

See your customer communications like email, chat, support, and meetings all in one place.

Dashboards & Reporting

Track critical SaaS metrics like MRR, churn, LTV, customer adoption, and much more.

Before Natero, we had little to no awareness of what was going on with our customers. It was unclear who needed our help the most, and we were constantly on the defensive. Now, our customer success team knows exactly where to spend their valuable time — and most importantly, Natero helps us stay proactive rather than reactive.

Mark Nichols  |  VP of Growth


Bring Your Customer Data Together

Natero’s integrations deliver a holistic view of your customers.

Customer Data Integrations

Customer data resides in a lot of places, and it can be a struggle to collect it — let alone put it to good use.

Natero plugs into your SaaS product and integrates with your existing business apps to leverage your customer data with ease. You can even connect your Segment and Mixpanel events or import metrics through our REST API and CSV upload tool.

  • Capture detailed product usage down to individual user.
  • Track contact info, lifecycle stage, and interactions.
  • See support ticket volume, severity, and resolution.
  • Collect purchases, renewal schedules, and discounts.

Proactive Customer Success

A data-driven approach to customer retention.

Customer Success can dramatically impact your company’s bottom-line. In fact, reducing monthly churn by as little as five percent can result in fifty percent more revenue for SaaS companies in just 5 years.

Natero combines machine learning and rule-based alerting to identify at-risk customers before they decide to leave. It continuously evaluates account health based on your key customer metrics, and helps operationalize your proactive retention processes.

See how Natero’s data-driven approach helps Customer Success teams stay one step ahead.

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Customer Success Management Solutions - eBook

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Customer Success Management Software - Spreadsheet

Calculate the Value of Customer Success Technology

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