Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

The Natero Customer Success Engine harnesses your data to predict, analyze and drive customer behavior.
It turns Big Data into Big Success.

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Powering SaaS Customer Success

Retain and Grow Customers

Retain and grow customers

Knowing when a customer needs attention can be tricky. That’s where Natero comes in. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms tell you who’s at risk and who’s likely to convert or buy more, while rule-based alerts track key customer lifecycle milestones.

Improve Your SaaS Product

Improve your SaaS product

Optimizing your customer experience starts with your product. Natero’s extreme scalability can capture every action your customers take, while powerful analytics reveal what they like, as well as potential areas for improvement.

Empower Your Success Team

Empower your customer success team

Having your customer success team operate at maximum effectiveness means constant adjustment. Natero lets you measure the impact of processes like on-boarding and QBRs, so you can improve them and build the most effective team possible.

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See how our software separates signals from the noise, ensuring your customer success team is focused on the right accounts, at the right time, with the right information.

Next Generation Customer Success Software

Discover a smarter approach to customer success software. Natero uses machine learning to predict customer behavior and provides powerful analytics that help you understand why some accounts thrive while others struggle.

Customer Success Management Software Features
  • Predict who will leave, convert or buy more
  • Ensure customers progress through an ideal lifecycle
  • Get all of your customer data at your fingertips
  • Explore and analyze your data for actionable insight
  • Empower your Customer Success team and keep improving
  • Stay on top of critical business trends

Customer Success Resources

Our latest informative and educational content about all things customer success.


Customer Success Management Solutions

Learn how CSM software helps SaaS businesses automate the collection of key customer data, identify which accounts need attention, and improve customer success best practices for more positive outcomes.

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Predictive Analytics: a Primer for CSMs

Learn how predictive analytics can help make customer success teams more effective and productive, how machine learning technology works, and what to look for in a CSM solution with predictive capabilities.

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Customer Success Roles and Metrics - Survey Results

Survey Results

Customer Success Roles and Metrics

Over 100 customer success professionals shared insights about their roles and key performance metrics. We gathered the data and asked Mikael Blaisdell of the Customer Success Association to comment on the results.

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